Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting close

I bet you thought I was talking about Christmas and yes it is!  But that's not what I was referring to (though frankly I'll be glad when it's in the rearview mirror).  I decided a week or so ago to get back to work on the fall disappearing 9 patch and yesterday (because the cleaning gal is coming today), I got my rear in gear and finished the last seams and decided it's big enough for my purposes without a border.

My goal the next 2-3 weeks is to get backings made for several tops needing quilting so I can get them to the 'done' stage.  This one I'll stay stitch around the outside edges so the longarmer doesn't have to worry about the seams coming loose.  This one's definitely not a fave of mine but it's finished and, depending on the size since I haven't measured yet, it COULD become a donation.  We'll see.  And upon further inspection, I've noticed I didn't sew all the blocks and rows together so the pattern doesn't show.  Oh well, tis the life of a disorganized quilter.


Judy Bachman said...

Now you are a disorganized quilter! We knew that a long time ago or maybe it's too many eggs in one basket. I see all your quilts and am thinking maybe a will start a baby quilt when I get all my projects done. You know I am one at a time would drive me crazy to have that many projects going and not getting one done.

AnnieO said...

I like the colors you used! Quilting changes the tops so much you may decide you like it too.