Saturday, December 31, 2016


I am always SO HAPPY when Christmas is in the rear view mirror!!  Most of that stems from the fact that Frank is no longer here and the other is the commercialization of it all.  That is NOT what Christmas is all about.  So that's behind me now and  we move forward--thank heavens!

My sister and I were born on practically the same day--she's the 1st and I'm the 4th so we usually do our family birthday dinner together.  This year as many times before, we're going Japanese.  I think everyone is able to make it this year so we'll be celebrating on New Year's Day!  Yippee!!  Now all we need is a Cowboys win before dinner.  HA!


Kyle said...

Family is the key to the holidays. I'm glad your able to be with your sister and others.

Betty Lou said...

Feel the same way Sherrill, they say the first year is the hardest and I believe it but they must all be hard as you have experienced. Can't wait to get the tree and decorations down and back to some kind d of normal. Happy Birthday to you and your sister, enjoy your Asian cuisine, sounds wonderful. Hope to start quilting again if I can get enough energy to tie my shoes.