Thursday, December 22, 2016

quilts and Christmas

Every year I browse through Pinteret and other places looking at Christmas quilting stuff.  There're always things I haven't seen, whether it's new or I just missed it, that catch my eye and I think "oh man, I need one of these"!!  That's where all these UFO's come from.!!

Isn't this the cutest?  Snowglobes..what a great idea!

These little faces..every year I say this'll be the year I'm going to make mine.  I even have the pattern.  GAH!
 I'm really liking the Christmas trees in the bed of red pickups.  But this is really cute--bringing home the Christmas tree!!  And pretty much all neutral except the red splash of the car and bird!
Oh MY!  A spin on the jelly roll race quilt only strips are different widths.  CUTE!!  Easy too!!
Presents, mittens, cups of hot chocolate..what could be better?  Well, lots of things I suppose but this is so cute!


carol fun said...

Stop tempting me!!!! I like all of these quilts and I don't need another idea for a Christmas/Winter quilt... but I sure want to make one. LOL Those snow globes are calling my name... Merry Christmas!

Kyle said...

That's the fun part about Pinterest. There's always lots of temptation to look at. Merry Christmas