Thursday, January 19, 2017

My mission

at the moment is two-fold.  I want to get one bedroom cleaned out and cleaned up (which will take some work) and get these puppies finished so they can go live with someone.  The smaller star block quilt needs to be enlarged some so I'll make a few more of the blocks.  The Home of the Brave replica just needs a border like the carpenter star from yesterday (or day before).  Those two SHOULD be easy but not everything is as it seems, right?  I have 27 blocks made for another HOB style quilt so will make 3 more and get that one put together.  The one with the four patches (no idea what that pattern is) needs enlarging and I have several four patches already sewn.  The last one I LOVE and it might wind up residing here.  I don't think I have any patriotic quilts to call my own so I should have one, yes?   I also found a couple more that just need backings so I have quite a few that could wind up being UFO's no more!!  WOOHOO, that'd be awesome (if it works out that way)!!


Alycia said...

Great quilts!! now go finish them ( okay you know I can't say that meanly , but man did I try!) I like them all - and yes - you should have a patriotic quilt i your house too!

Kyle said...

You have 4 great looking quilts and be fun to see them get finished up. Keep us posted.