Monday, February 27, 2017


I have 22 done done and like another 10-12 prepped and waiting for the needle.  So by my calculation, that's over 1/4 of them (of the total I'm planning at this point--remember, 120 total) ready and/or waiting.  There is NO planning on subject, color, etc.  I'm just digging through the stash looking for interesting prints and using them.  It may turn out to be a totally ugly quilt but I'm thinkin' it'll still keep someone warm!

I've also gotten backs done for 2 more of my QOV's for a total of 4 hanging on hangers waiting for the magic of the longarm.  AND I have 7-8 more pillowcases waiting to be sewn and I've cut yet another baby rag quilt kit.  I should be power sewing right now but I'm not.  LOL


Connie the Cootiebug said...

Your applique looks so perfect. Well done.

Judy D in WA said...

I truly believe there are no ugly quilts. Someone will love it no matter what it looks like. I love this one. It's going to be so fun to look at all the different fabrics. Each block with it's own special meaning.
Looks like you will never be bored. Isn't it fabulous to have so many projects to choose from! It keeps me happy.