Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I was at a local hospital today visiting a friend and found they had a super cool (IMHO) exhibit of bronze cast models of hands.  SO interesting comparing the different hands of world renowned surgeons, astronauts, presidents, athletes, actors as well as other famous people.  Thought I'd share a few here--

Troy Aikman

Tom Landry

George W Bush

Ronald Reagan

Nolan Ryan

Dr. Seuss

Walt Disney

Billy Graham

There were many, many others but I'm really mad about not taking a picture of Andre the Giant's hands.  Do you remember him?  If not, google him.  His hands were GINORMOUS!!!!


Kyle said...

What an awesome display.

Terri said...

Interesting. I often compare my hands to my Mom's and Grandma's (as remembered). They are starting to get as wrinkly. LOL