Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More vacay

I'm going to get back to my sewing but have a few post-cruise appts. before I can do that.  So for one more post, it'll just be vacay pix.  No sewing related today but hopefully next post (don't wanna bore anyone with vacay pix!! LOL).

Carnival does a GREAT job every cruise of honoring our soldiers.  They pay them great honor and thank them profusely (as does everyone who attends) for their service and sacrifice.  There was a fellow in attendance that was 89 years young and entered WWII at the age of FIFTEEN!!!!!  He served in the Korean War as well.  Amazing!  These guys and gals were all amazing!

These photos were taken on a tour we took of Curacao.  I was not happy that we got back from the tour after dark making it impossible for me to get some pictures of those colorful bldgs. that are so cool.  I also didn't get to walk across the floating bridge :-(   Next cruise, I guess.  But there was some pretty spectacular scenery along the tour route!


Judy Bachman said...

7 deadly sins of paper piecing:

• Placing the fabric wrong side up
• Not following the design - putting the fabric in the wrong place. Sometimes this is caused by not realizing you are working on a mirror image block.
• Placing the fabric the wrong way so it doesn’t fit the block when you flip it over
• sewing on the wrong line
• cutting the fabric piece instead of the seam allowance
• cutting the paper pattern
• catching one fabric piece in the seam allowance of another. 

Sad but true....5 out of 7 .....but I will catch on by the time I put the last block on.

Terri said...

Those were fun to read... I can claim 7 of the 7 over the years. I'd add an 8th... sewing out of sequence. (Luckily I have a great seam ripper (lighted and magnified).) Sometimes I just leave the wrong side up... gives the piece some textural variety. (Yeah, that's it. Variety.) It's when you put the wrong color in the wrong place... then you need to rip. (I write the color name on the pieces before I sew. It helps!)
I have learned to love paper piecing above any other methods. If I haven't done any in a few days I crave it.