Sunday, February 19, 2017

Uh oh...circles

I've been tempted by the dreaded circles thus far but recently lost the battle.  I've been making a few and kinda like them.  My blocks are 6 1/2" (not sure what others' are) so I've decided I'll make it 10x12 if they continued to hold my interest.  But I really need to get on with making the backings for my QOV's.

(that really is a pitiful pathetic picture..will try to do better LOL!!!)


AnnieO said...

Luckily THAT squirrel hasn't bitten me! Yours look nice and it seems you have a plan in place, so press on I say :)

Kyle said...

Lots of fun ahead!

JoAnne said...

Pretty! Oh no, now I want to make some! Why do you keep inspiring me to start more projects??? LOL