Thursday, February 23, 2017


They say it's the spice of life, right?  I think it's a bane to my existence at times.  Too many things pulling me in too many different directions to the point that very little is getting done done.  But hopefully it will.  I was cleaning out and sorting a small batch of fabric I found in one of the closets and decided to do something with a couple of the pieces that were fairly large, perfect for pillowcases!

I'm thinking I'm going to keep those cute little leopard print cases!  I have another of the pink to make only the colors are reversed (large part will be pink and cuff will be the orange-y).  There are also a lot more case 'kits' ready to crank out when the desire arises.  HA

And of course, those darned circles continue
I have many more waiting in the wings to be appliqued to their background piece.  But still a LONG way from the 120 I'd like to make for a near bedsized quilt.  I saw one blogger sashing hers so that might be a good idea to make it bigger without having to make more circles....

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Kyle said...

Progress is progress know matter what you're working on!