Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The last week

I've been busy but haven't stopped to lay stuff out to take pictures.  I'm down to the last 3 Tropical Punch blocks before putting them all together--woohoo!  Will take a picture when that's done.  And I've cut part of the border for yet another QOV quilt and have one more that's currently waiting borders.  And continuing on with circles.

I was out in the yard together getting a few things done.  My house numbers above the garage were so grungy that they really weren't readable from the street.  So I'd gone to Wal Mart the other day and got some spray paint for them AND for my metal patio table and chairs (they're going to be red!). Took the numbers down and spray painted them and will put them back up after Meals on Wheels tomorrow.

My owl has been MIA for quite some time now but he showed up again about 4 days ago.  I noticed a couple of squirrels running all around the tree and the owl seemed somewhat annoyed!  He'd also been badgered by a blue jay and a pair of little Carolina wrens so I needed to get a picture of him.

He always keeps his eye on me when I'm photographing him!  HA

And this was one of the stupid squirrels annoying the owl.  He stopped and basically posed.  I can't stand squirrels..they're just rats with fluffy tails who constantly dig holes in my yard and potted plants!

Another beautiful sunset this evening.  Next post will definitely contain quilt content!!

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Alycia Quiltygirl.com said...

I love your owl!!!! What fun to see him and the squirrel!