Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UFO (nearly) finished

My son came to stay for a month the end of January and through Feb. while waiting for his house to be completed (his apt contract ended in Jan.).  While picking up 'his' bedroom and repositioning quilts from the bed, I came across a pile of Home of the Brave blocks (that's what I call them since our church group made them by the hundreds for HOB quilts) and decided I'd make a couple of tops with backings to send to Alycia.  Here's the first of two with borders yet to be added.  I'll need to make a few more blocks for the 2nd but that's OK--I have PLENTY of red, white and blue fabric!!  I'll use some of said fabric to make backings and binding so everything will be ready to go.  I LOVE these blocks as they're easy to make, great for groups (since they're trimmed after sewing which always helps with multiple sewists involved) and (IMHO) look great when they're put together.  I was even thinking of making some in bright colors for kids quilts.

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Betty Lou said...

Another UFO ready for the quilter and finish. This is such a nice traditional block to use for HOTB and so pretty in your fabrics.
Happy Quilting