Monday, May 15, 2017

Binding blues

I've received 7 quilts (from 2 different longarmers) that now need binding..YIKES!!  These are the 3 I've attached the binding to and now need the finishing touch by hand.  When I picked up the 5 QOV's, I dropped of two more and have one more to drop off when I pick up the 2 finished.  This is my pile at the moment.

It looks tame but I'm still freaking out (why I do not is what it is).  I really need to get busy with the evening hand stitching but tonight is bunco.  Priorities, dontcha know?!  HA

I've been working on another UFO that I uncovered (which may also wind up being a QOV) as well as a red, white and blue AND a green and purple trip around the block (Bonnie Hunter's).  Also got quite a few pillowcases cut and ready to sew if ever there's a little down time.  🙁  Wish me luck!


Betty Lou said...

I think you must really quilt in your sleep, Sherryl, looks like a pretty stack you have there. Could you PM me with your longarm quilters name. I need to find someone very reasonable for basic allover quilting. Just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus. I'm thinking about moving into something g smaller, how long did you wait o move?

Betty Lou said...

P.S. My new blog (very new) is Sew Easy I lost A,Erica Vintage Quilts when Bud was sick and I didn't reniew my domain. Grrrr, made me so upset, all that lost.