Monday, May 22, 2017

Still binding (and binding and binding)

I'm making pretty good progress and this is my DONE pile (except for labels).  All of the HOB quilts have even been washed with plenty of color catchers thrown in the mix!  That little cutey on top was uncovered as I was trying to clean up and organize so I threw a binding on it, too!  Wish I'd had it done a little sooner as I intended for it to be a spring table topper.  Guess it is technically still spring for a little while longer.

I have been using the end of the kitchen counter for my cutting surface of late and I was doing some cleaning on the REAL cutting table in the sewing room so I could move my mess in there.  GAH!  I uncovered way too many projects at a standstill.  I need to try to contain them in one place and a list would be nice so I can work on them and mark them off as I finish (IF that happens..ugh).  I don't even want to begin to think how many UFO's are scattered around.


Connie the Cootiebug said...

It seems like most quilters share the "messy cutting table" syndrome. But, it does show that they / we are keeping busy so look at it as a reward.

Kyle said...

That is an awesome pile of quilts that you have finished! Congrats! It is amazing what can get hidden in the depths of a sewing space.

JoAnne said...

You're really getting through that stack in a hurry! I'm quilting the borders of my DearJane - slow, slow, slow!