Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Finally got the patriotic pineapple to the longarmer..wasn't sure that was gonna happen.  The background I'd purchased turned out to be a little stretchy (of course I didn't notice when doing the half square tri's) and when I began putting the sashing in, it was not an easy task.  I already had the sashing pieces cut so nothing else to do but go with it and do it as good as was possible.  So when I got to the final outer border, the measurements were a bit wonky so decided to cut those on the long side which was less stretchy.  It still took quite a bit of easing and when I dropped off at the longarmer's, I just told her to do whatever she could do with the old rag!  (I was very aggravated with it!).  I'm sure she'll work her magic and I told her it was only going to hang in the entryway for 1 1/2-2 months each year so not a biggy.

I mentioned to her I had a couple other rags I needed to work on (those are the ones that, when I've made it to the final assembly point, there are stupid issues like ONE BLOCK is a different size from all the others.  ARGH!  That's when I pitch it aside and move on to something else rather than getting more and more aggravated.  So I came home and got this one out

and got the center together.  Now I'll just do a small then larger border and she'll have another rag to work on.  HA!  Can't do it this evening as our class is serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald house .  I made a Snickers candy bar pie and a coconut cream pie.  Pretty sure we're having ham and fried chicken along with our fairly standard fare of green beans, corn casserole, hash brown casserole, broccoli/rice casserole, fruit and green salad with yummy homemade bread and several fabulous desserts.  They always love to see us coming!  😊


JoAnne said...

Save me a piece of coconut pie!

Kyle said...

I don't know if I'd call your quilts a "rag", but there are definitely times when things seem to go haywire.

Farm Quilter said...

I can't see the rag! I popped over to your blog from Quilty Habit's blog after reading your comment on her flag quilt - you wrote what I was going to write! Now I just have to figure out how to follow your blog!!