Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I, like many of my quilting compadres, am not satisfied to have a mere ONE project going at a time.  I finished up the patriotic pineapple a week or so ago and then got to a near finish stage with the giant stars (until I saw Lesley's..remember?).  So I'm working on 9 patches for the borders.  Then I was looking through my books and found one of Jan Patek's books with a project I'd already cut some of the freezer paper templates for.  So when I noticed the finished size of the project and found it would be a good fit on my wall (to replace the pumpkins), I decide to start that one as well.   😕  I've got 3 of the flag blocks done already and moving on to applique--those stars are gonna kill me.

But as I'm working on this, I have a feeling I've started it before.  I just KNOW somewhere down the road I'm going to find some of this quilt in a semi-finished stage.  Oh well.

(this is a terrible picture from the book)


carol fun said...

Patriotic chickens???? Be still my beating heart... love this. What Jan Patek book is it in? I have some in my library... Happy 4th of July!!!

Judy Bachman said...

Sherrill...Sherrill what are we going to do with you. you must go and look for the one that you think you have started on. You will be very mad at yourself if you find it when you are finished with the quilt.
I know you are saying yeah yeah but I put in my two cents worth.