Saturday, July 22, 2017


I have a very generous friend who says she loves to paint.  So I've been considering painting my bedroom but I've usually just hired someone to do it.  I was getting some helpful hints from her and I GUESS she got tired of answering my questions and said 'I'm coming over and we're gonna paint your bedroom; we can knock it out in a couple of hours!'.  NO, I said, I'll do it just want some recommendations.  NO, she said, we'll paint it in a couple of hours.  So Sat. or Mon., which is better for you?  OK, Sat.  So her dear hubby came last night and taped everything then she showed up at 9 this morning.

 Before (of course, all the furniture was moved to the center in disarray!)
 Three walls were beige and the fourth was coral (my original plan was red but the painter got a coral..ugh).
 After--some stuff has been put back in place but lots of stuff still not.  The teal behind the bed is about 1 shade darker than the other 3 walls.
I LIKE it!  But, as I was pretty sure before, I found I do NOT love to paint.  It was much more enjoyable with my friend there but still NOT fun!  LOL

Now I REALLY need to get a few things on the walls; they are bare.


chrisknits said...

Love the color! That's the direction I am going with my kitchen/dining/family room. Hubster will paint, although it's not his favorite.

Kyle said...

Yay, for your persistent friend who knows how to handle a paintbrush! The color is great and the best thing ...IT'S DONE,