Saturday, July 15, 2017

Valentine quilt

I decided just to slap a border on this one and call it done.  It's a wall hanging and will only hang on the wall for less than a month each year so why go to a lot of trouble.  Besides, if I wind up ditching this place and hitting the road, it won't matter anyway (which is something I'm considering at this point).

Now I can take it to Mona when I take the other one and she'll have two to mess with.  Gonna tell her to go the extreme budget route on this one!


AnnieO said...

Pretty! Simple is best when things need to move along to a finish! Ditching your place sounds a bit drastic!

JoAnne said...

We need to have lunch, girlfriend! What's this about hitting the road? Have you read Driving Miss Norma? If my daughter and soninlaw drove me, I might go, but not alone.