Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quilt Plano

My friend and I went to a quilt show yesterday and I'm glad we went.  I usually don't do anything on the anniversary of Frank's death so wanted to 'break the mold' and get out.  It was a really great show, well attended, great vendors and BEAUTIFUL quilts!  I'll show a few for the next couple of posts.

This stunning quilt was best of show!!  The quilting, the embellishments, the applique ALL spectacular!  Very deserving of the award.

Such a simple quilt but a great and different way to use 9 patches.

This one was called Birds of Sorrow and she talked about putting it together after (or during) a rough patch.  I wish you could read the little poem on the lower left of the quilt.  Very cool.

Ummm, just WOW!

I just a sucker for anything with a civil war vintage vibe to it and this one fit the bill.

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