Saturday, December 30, 2017


I've seen so many doing end of year recaps and I always think to myself  'I didn't really do much' but in going back and reviewing, I actually DID!  WOW!  Who knew?  I awarded 9 QOV's and (nearly) finished the pineapple, large star with checkerboard border and the X's & O's quilt (just need to stitch down binding) plus I finished binding one other.  I did 12 pillowcases for donation and each QOV had a pillowcase so that's 21 pillowcases.  I did fail to complete the little Christmas tree wallhanging (one stupid block made me throw in the towel as I was putting it together) and the circle quilt (didn't like the borders after they were on so that's laying in a heap somewhere).

I'm hoping to get the borders on the present quilt sometime in the coming week in addition to putting the autumn quilt together (that one won't have any additional borders..woohoo!).

So I guess I did fair to middlin' for 2017.  I NEED to do four more QOV's but at the moment my heart's just not in it.  I have plans though. 


JoAnne said...

You've accomplished a lot this year. Do I need to rip off those borders for you on the circle quilt? Maybe you'll like it better after it sits a while! I haven't accomplished much lately - too much time with Cricket in my lap!
Happy New Year!

Kyle said...

I'd say your year was very productive. You've made so many things for others. Congratulations on an excellent year.

Nancy said...

It sounds like you really did accomplish a lot. Stitch by stitch, they all add up. I scrolled through some of your previous posts and your quilts are beautiful!