Saturday, January 27, 2018

Checking 'em off

I really feel like a cheater when I post a finish of such a small quilt.  But I THINK all the small ones are done now so I'll have to start on the bigger ones.  And I'd really like to get them all done before we start getting into warmer weather (though if I had my way, it would ALWAYS be warmer and we'd ALWAYS be on daylight savings times! LOL).  This little one is SO OLD I can't even remember when it was started OR finished.  But it's done now.

I'm thinking tomorrow I'd love to finish the pillowcases that are started AND maybe even get the second QOV top assembled though that is a little over zealous.  That would be awesome though..will keep you apprised.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Slow going

Six are done (albeit unpressed) and several more in process.  It's been slow here the past day or two.  Sigh....

Thursday, January 25, 2018

And the binding continues

Got this one finished last night and while I thought it would be pretty hanging at Christmas time, I'm going to hang it for a while right now!  Especially since I still haven't found my Valentine hanging. 😢

I got several pillowcases partially sewn but I've found two NEW projects I want to start.  The hazards of going through old books and magazines.  I found the cutest bunny wallhanging (which I need to make NOW) and a beautiful yet easy quilt made with batiks.  I have 4 bags of books I'm needing to pass along/ditch/dump on someone.  There were a few, a very few, that I put on but most aren't selling even for $5. I need to figure out where else to gift/give/dump.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I'm faster than I thought!

I snipped some before I went to my niece's birthday dinner and snipped some more after I got home.  But there came a point when I had to go to bed.  When you're SO CLOSE, you just gotta finish!  Besides, my favorite part is pulling them out of the dryer and seeing all those fluffy, raggy seams.  Guess I'll always love these simple little quilts.

And while I was out shaking out the little rag quilts, someone was watching!  LOL

I ran across a bunch of pillowcase kits I'd cut awhile back and also had a stack of patriotic fabric to make into cases for the QOVs.  So I started getting several ready for stitching so I can just run them through the machine.  This is the tutorial I used to learn how to do the pillowcases.  They always turn out nice and I've made a bunch of em!  AND while doing that, I always got a batch of Zuppa Toscana going in the Instant Pot. that stuff!

Monday, January 22, 2018

There'll be some snippin'

goin' on the next few nights (few just because tonight is my niece's birthday and I'm going to dinner with and tomorrow our class serves dinner at the Ronald McDonald house).  The purple and green one got outta hand and the rows don't line up like the red and black one..sometimes that happens and I don't take the time to rip and fix.  I figure however the rows go, they will still keep a baby warm!  I'll show post snipping, washing and drying whenever that gets done.

AND I got the binding machine stitched on yet another quilt..I started out with the small ones and am now to the larger ones.  I have one more to do that I've already made the binding for and the biggest momma that I need to make the binding yet.  Slowly but surely, things are getting done!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's Sunday!

That has absolutely nothing to do with the post but it's a different blog post title!  LOL  (sorry)  I'm so happy to have finished this binding as it means this will be ready for this year's Memorial Day, Fourth of July, all summer!  And I LOVE it!  It was a tutorial over a Jedi Craft girl and she really has some cute stuff over there.

I've also made the mounds of vines (which I now need to iron..ugh) I need to add to the quilt I showed on Tues.  I've also traced and cut out several of the flowers and centers.   There are still several quilts that still need binding and a baby rag quilt that needs completion.
This is a slightly better photo of the quilt I posted last that was taken inside at night.  But it's still prettier in person (IMHO).  😀

Friday, January 19, 2018

Finishes are happening!

I completed the binding on WIP #1

and a LOUSY picture it is!!  We're on a warming trend for the upcoming week so I'm going to take it outside for a glamour shot (as it is SO much prettier than the above appears).  I also got binding sewn on 2 more quilts yesterday and hope to accomplish the same on two more today!  Then I'll have 4 more to work on in the evenings.

All this and the one I dropped off at the longarmers yesterday.  If I'd get busy, I have two others simply needing borders then backs and they could go live temporarily with Mona, too!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I have been weeding through stacks and stacks and stacks of quilt books trying to thin the herd.  I can't even imagine how much money I spent on these back in the day (though several still had price tags on them so I know it's  LOT!!).  I put a few on ebay but don't wanna do too much of that as it gets to be a pain trying to manage all that. 

I ran across this book

and knew I'd made the 'bones' of this quilt (sans applique as I didn't know how to do it back then) so I checked the closet and found it quickly!  I plan on starting on the applique so that this OLD flimsy can become yet another finish before too long.  Here she is as we speak.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Truckin' along

This one looks sloppy as the edges have yet to be pressed but I was so excited to post that I'd finished the flimsy!  Now to get a back made and off to the quilter...YAY

Friday, January 12, 2018

Finally got moving

Today I got some stuff accomplished..woohoo.   Good grief, I don't know why I procrastinate so long but I do.  I got the border on the found QOV today, made 3 more Big Nine blocks (have a total of 14 now), got the binding done for 3 quilts (just made, not on the quilt yet) and found another project near completion.  The bad thing about this one is I've been working on a new one--DUH!!!  I have this one almost finished and have two blocks in process!!  What I said before...pathetic.  Oh well, sad but true.

Now to get a back done for this one and get the other set of blocks together
 Look at that cute little sleeping kitten there...
 Have four more bindings to make and then sew them all on and then get a total of EIGHT handstitched down--GAH!
 Need to look at the book to see what's left on this one besides half square tri's for the bottom middle.  It would be great to hang in the living room during the summer if it's bigger!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Turning up

all kinds of stuff in the search for the Valentine quilt EXCEPT, of course, the Valentine quilt.  But I LOVE this find as I still have 4 more QOV's to make and this will be one!  I have blocks for another just like it so if I get busy, I can crank out a couple fairly quickly!!  WOOT!

I've also been busy going through old photos for the Legacy Box I purchased awhile back.  I got the next to largest which is 500 pictures (or less if we find a couple of good videos which hasn't happened yet).  That is a TON of pictures but the good thing is you can get it on thumb drive and then copy and share with family members!   

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I see binding...

and LOTS of it in my future!!  I trimmed four quilts today in prep for binding, measured each so I know how many strips I'll need for the binding.  So in addition to these four, I have one trimmed with binding cut but not yet together and two others that have been trimmed that also need binding.  😨😩  MAN!  But still no Valentine quilt yet (what COULD I have done with that?!!).

Monday, January 8, 2018

Found quilt

MAN, I'm tellin' ya, things are a mess around here.  I thought I'd had a valentine quilt quilted and was looking for it because I was sure I hadn't bound it yet.  I did run across my cute little red, white and blue pineapple that I made to hang during the summer but did not find the valentine quilt.  I DID find this quilt kinda wadded up under some other stuff.  WHAT?  How could I treat this beauty so badly?  I've always loved this quilt so I decided it needed to hang for awhile (even though it's not a winter quilt).  It was all wrinkly and rumpled so gave it a quick iron with steam and it looks much better.

Now I wonder what else I will find while rummaging through the mess? 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Incredible yet pathetic

I started working on one (of three) bedrooms that are consumed with quilting paraphernalia and am shocked at what I found so far.  There are two smaller wallhanging/table topper sized quilts that are quilted and simply need binding as well as one larger quilt in the same condition 😕.  That's ridiculous that I leave things when they're almost done but what's worse is that there are at least 2-3 more (that I know of) in the same state. 

And there's a set of 20 machine applique blocks (7 still need button hole stitched)  just waiting to be finished up and put into a quilt.  Ugh.  Problem with these is I no longer have a machine that does pretty button hole stitching.  I've offered them to someone I know that makes lots of donation quilts.  If she doesn't want them, I'll pawn gift them to someone else.  They'd make a great donation quilt to keep someone warm with just a little sashing and border.

I've also (over) filled yet another bag of fabric for the church group.  Sure hope they don't get too mad! 😉

Maybe some of these just needing binding will be finishes in 2018...hope so!