Monday, January 8, 2018

Found quilt

MAN, I'm tellin' ya, things are a mess around here.  I thought I'd had a valentine quilt quilted and was looking for it because I was sure I hadn't bound it yet.  I did run across my cute little red, white and blue pineapple that I made to hang during the summer but did not find the valentine quilt.  I DID find this quilt kinda wadded up under some other stuff.  WHAT?  How could I treat this beauty so badly?  I've always loved this quilt so I decided it needed to hang for awhile (even though it's not a winter quilt).  It was all wrinkly and rumpled so gave it a quick iron with steam and it looks much better.

Now I wonder what else I will find while rummaging through the mess? 


Terri said...

Keep looking through that mess... I love the quilt you found. Maybe you'll find another.

Kyle said...

It's amazing what you can find.. Keep looking for the Valentine quilt.

JoAnne said...

Hope you find the Valentine quilt before February!

Judy Bachman said...

I love the leaf quilt......hey how about the Christmas tree quilt?