Friday, January 18, 2019

Found quilt

Last year (or maybe sometime in 2017), I had made a little Valentine wall hanging and had it quilted.  When I went to look for it so that I might get it bound and hung, I couldn't find it!!  I looked EVERYWHERE!!  I had gotten so desperate that I even asked Mona the quilter if she was sure she had given it back to me..YIKES!  Never found it so it never hung last year for Valentine's Day.  My brother and his family came a week ago for a visit but I thought they'd be staying with my niece.  When they got here, their daughter wanted to stay with me--OH NO!  I didn't have a clean bedroom for her so I thought I should start cleaning.  Man was that a mess!  I had quilty stuff everywhere.  I started cleaning off the bed and moving stuff around.  What did I find at the VERY BOTTOM of the stacks?  The Valentine quilt--now it's bound and hanging (and no, I never did get it clean enough for her to come stay with me so she stayed at the other niece's).
Guess it's my first finish of 2019!!