Monday, June 17, 2019

Next stop

After Stockholm, we sailed to Estonia.  We didn't have an excursion scheduled for Tallinn so we walked in.  It was a longer walk than I thought it would be and a warm day.  We walked and walked and was a long day and as we were leaving, I spotted a bike taxi and asked if he went to the cruise port.  He said yes and we gratefully hopped in and he got us there in a snap.  He seemed very thankful that we hailed him so guess it was a win win!!  HA

 I don't know how this place was still standing--it looked WAY older than any place around it.  GAH!
As we entered the older part of the city

We walked up there along the wall

I just loved the door with the flag flying.
spotted the cool statue of a monk (life sized)
The beautiful Aleksander Nevski Katedraali (was being renovated so no inside peek) and there seemed to be some sort of protest going on off to our left.  I wasn't interested enough to ask anyone what might be the cause.

Spotted this tower on the way out

I found this tragic and the fact that they publicized it made it even sadder.


Alycia said...

Oh I would love a Bike taxi!! what fun. That building does look so old!!!It also looks like wood! I agree - what a sad fact to advertise... but such an interesting place!

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