Saturday, August 31, 2019

Final rows of August

Since I posted a bunch of row by rows I completed the first part of August, figured I'd post the remaining ones done this month (since that's about all the sewing/quilting I've been working on).

This one I was debating on leaving the decorative aspect (a bear head and a moose head) off the mugs all the while not even noticing I'd left the coffee/hot chocolate outta the cup.  Good GRIEF!  Wound up putting all in/on the cup so really need another pic.  This will do for now.


QuiltGram said...

What a lot of work and beautifully done. My favorite vignette is the one with the coffee mugs. I live in Maine but we always go camping on the Kankangamungus Highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire since I was a kid. Yes, camping with a tent. So the mug one reminds me of the many mornings sitting around a fire drinking my morning tea (in a mug tho) enjoying the crisp air and the beauty surrounding me. Looking forward to seeing your quilt finished.

Kyle said...

Wow! That's a lot of rows. Great designs!

Alycia said...

These are really great!! Makes me want to dig in to my rows and see what I have! I love the longhorn the mountains and the coffee!! Those are my kind of rows!