Sunday, July 5, 2020

America, Something to Crow About

I’ve had this Out On A Limb pattern for I don’t know how long.  Every now and then, I’d run across it when shuffling through stuff and think ‘I really need to make this. I like it so much!’.  That start commenced several weeks ago and I’d work on it in fits and starts.  I finally got it to the point of needing one last side border and there it sat.  Then I got 2 parts of that last border together and it sat.  This morning I finally got the border together and sewed it on.  Then I held it up just prior to ironing and... s$&t what the h@/l etc!!!  I sewed that last border on upside down and ya know what?!  It’s stayin that way!!  (The 3 stars on the upper left were SUPPOSED to be in the lower left..ugh)

And I've been busy working on some more of the row by rows/Quilter's Trek (only the 2nd one is from a previous year, the rest are 2020 rows).

I have so many 'themes' that I've been working on through this row by row adventure.  Each of these will fit into one of those.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Yet again

It's been quite awhile since my last post!  My intentions are usually good but then it doesn't get done.  Anyway, to start, THIS is the color of the original hardy hibiscus that the seeds came from.  At the old house, they were ALL just like this.  So when I started these and they finally got to the blooming stage, I was shocked (and much dismayed because I love THIS color) to find that white with just a tinge of pink.  Oh well, I got one maroon and maybe I'll start a few more seeds to see what I get!
AND I got yet another baby rag quilt done.  I need to go back and count to see how many so far this year (awright, I went back and counted through the posts this year and pretty sure this is #10!!  So only 2 more to hit my goal if I counted right).
Then there were a few more row by rows--still need to get a top put together.  The 'new and improved' row by row is now called quilter's trek and this year's color is blue.  Most I've seen I'm not crazy about as they're just like one big quilt block in shades of blue.  There are shops who've designed outside the lines and I'm liking a few of those so SOME may be bought this year but, thank HEAVENS, not as many as in years past!!  I need to continue working on what I already have here!

My friend and I took a quick road trip a couple of weeks ago.  I decided awhile back that I wanted to make it a mission to visit every state capital in the US.  I've been to every state but not every capital so plans are to make that happen and I'm documenting it in another blog.  We visited Austin, TX almost 2 months ago and this time around did Okla. City, Topeka, KS, Jefferson City, MO and Little Rock, AR.  It was a quick 5 days but good to get away for a little bit.  So that's 5 capitals down and FORTY FIVE to go!  YIKES!

Monday, June 8, 2020


First, I just had to document my hardy hibiscus.  These are aggravating in a way as they are from seeds from some bushes I had at the old house that were ALL a maroon color.  I LOVED them and they were SO showy!  So I started these a few years back, planted them in my garden and was SO SHOCKED when I got these pink-tinged blooms (pretty sure I've posted about these weirdos in the past).
The bush is covered in blooms but they only last a day or two.  There is another that, as I recall, came out a little closer to the original 'mother plant' color.  But that one's not blooming out yet.  We'll see...
And FINALLY!!  I got this stack of pillowcases across the finish line!  There are 16 various and sundry prints in here from Christmas to sports, dogs to fish, western and plain jane.  A couple are patriotic and I have two QOVs to finish up so those will go nicely with the quilts!

Think I'll go do some mindless sewing on another rag quilt.  The stuff on the news is stressing me out going straight from virus news to non-stop demonstrations.  Must find other stuff to watch...

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

row by row

I've been working on some row by rows once again.  I got this first one recently when I ordered fabric online from a shop in Mississippi (can't remember the name) and this kit was half off.  Such a deal (and pretty cute, too, IMHO)
People have been selling rows they purchased but then decided not to make.  I LOVED this whale when I saw another gal had included it in her Hawaii quilt.  This one is from Maui.

This one I've had for awhile and it was laying out so I grabbed it and got it put together.
I was in one of my 'overflow' sewing rooms and trying to clear off the top of the bed.  I uncovered 5 kits.  Good grief..this was one (and bunny still needs whiskers and eyes stitched).  Camping/RV was one of my numerous themes.
And I recently bought this one from a gal purging her row by row stash..this will go in my sailboat quilt (if it ever gets done).  This is something I really need to focus on is getting at least a couple of tops together.  That would make me feel at least a little better.
This year, they've really switched up row by row and now it's become quilter's trek or something like that.  I'm really glad that so far I've only seen maybe 3 or 4 that I even liked.  WHEW!

In the garden and #7

I've always got WAAYY too many projects in the works and flit from one to the other to the other and so on.  I've been working on the cute little blocks, I've got a patriotic piece from Out on a Limb in the works, another project using 2 1/2" squares, a couple of QOV's as well as the ongoing rag quilts, two of which are boxed up to be mailed to Little Lambs in UT as part of the Hands 2 Help project.
Just wanted to share a couple of beauties from the garden while I'm posting.  I have a picture of two little owls that I spotted last night while out in the yard.  They were so cute just sitting on the cable line.  If I find it, I'll get it in here.
And the latest rag quilt finish, July's #7 so I'm on track and hoping to stay there with this anyway.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More cute little blocks

I dug around a little in the stash and found a few cute prints to use in the wonky blocks.  I KNOW I have more..just requires more digging.  But I had more 'pressing' issues today.  My iron quit last night (ARGH) and then this morning my phone was apparently toast.  It was an iphone 7 after all and it had served me well.  First place I ran this morning was the Verizon store.  I was the first one in fortunately as I got their last phone--HAHA!!  It's an 11 with 128 gb so not one of the thousand dollar phones, thank heavens!   Only after I had procured my phone did I head for Walmart to get my new iron.  PLEASE don't let anything break for a month (knock on wood).

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cute new block

I've been meaning to try this since Kyle posted it on her site.  A quick and easy way to get cute blocks made two at a time!!  This would be a great way to get some donation quilts done!!  Here are my first two....

I'll be excited to get some more made and hopefully some will be wonkier than others!!  Mine squared up to 8".

Half way through

This is #6 for the year so takes me through June (which is nearly here).  I’m not that fast, these blocks had already been stitched.  Just needed to sew the rows together.

I really wish the colors would show truer in my photos.  The light is the cutest gray plaid and the pink doesn't look so dark in contrast with the others.  Oh well, you get the idea maybe.  Cute for a little girl.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

My goal

Of making one rag quilt a month was derailed by an uncooperative machine.  I'd been having issues with getting the flannel through the machine and had to lengthen the stitch and then the machine finally quit.  I took it in, got it fixed (he so nicely saved the baggy of fuzz crap he'd pulled from the machine--how embarrassing) and now she's just humming along.

I THINK prior to this slowdown, I had finished 4 which would have brought me through April so I think this is May's quilt.  I'll start June's soon so hopefully I can keep on track (though there's always several other projects new and old calling 😟).  I think most of you feel my pain...

Sunday, May 17, 2020


sad collapse GIF
This was how I felt yesterday.  EVERYTHING was beginning to cave in on me after the past two months and I felt I was in SERIOUS melt-down mode!!  Friday I received a weird voicemail from a guy with Edward Jones saying he had some information about the office I do business with.  When I tried calling him back, I just got a recorded message.  I logged into my local office's website and this new guy's face was up there, not MY guy!!!  I had NO CLUE what was going on.  And it was raining cats and dogs!

It rained and rained and showed no signs of stopping.  And it DIDN'T!!  Then it rained more and everytime I looked out the window, it was still raining!  We got 4 1/4" here in less than 24 hours.  I did finally talk to my guy and he left Edward Jones and moved to a different company but rules wouldn't let him advise his clients until a certain period of time happened and things were in place.  GOOD GRIEF, I didn't care which company he was with, I just wanted to stay with him.  We started with him before Frank died and he's taken really good care of my finances so there was no way I was letting him get away!  But before I talked to him and while it was still torrentially raining, I was just DONE!  Quarantining is hard but it's even harder when doing it alone.  SO alone.

So I think my guy has all the info he needs in order to transfer my funds into his care so that has helped.  And it QUIT RAINING!  HOORAY!!  Hopefully things will begin to look up and we can begin an even steadier return to normal!!

Top is fini

Finally got the last two borders (top and bottom, not ironed as evidenced in the picture 😒) sewn on.  Now a good pressing is in order and a back will need to be made.  This will be a donation quilt for a yet to be determined recipient.

A couple of days ago, I was stitching along on my most recent baby rag quilt when my machine froze!  The needle went down and then started making a never heard before humming/buzzing noise.  I turned the machine off, waited a minute before turning back on and stepped on the presser foot--same ugly noise.  Now it's at the hospital getting fixed.  Initially it was thought a belt was the problem.  That was fixed but then there were issues with the various decorative stitches and stuff so it remains a patient.  I hope it gets better soon so the rag quilts can continue.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Next up..borders

Now that I have all the multi-colored plus blocks sewn together, it's border time!!  I'm thinking rather than one solid, same border all the way around, I'll do different fabric on two opposing corners.  Not sure if it'll be different colors or just same color family but different prints.  Gonna have to play with that.

And today is an EXCITING DAY!!  I'm finally going to get my hair cut and colored..YAY!  I was scheduled for a day back in March (it was a Tuesday) and they shut it all down the Saturday before my appt.  ACK!  So it's been just about 2 months and now it's finally getting done.  Can't WAIT!  I've been out to eat several times since things began re-opening and need to go get a pedicure today or tomorrow.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Still here

I’m very slowly continuing to work on the piano key border for Jamestown and making masks (at a slower pace).  But I’ve also been working on 2 tops that will become donation quilts.  One is still in small enough parts that I haven’t taken any pictures.  But the second is coming together nicely.
I’ve got the first 2 and second 2 rows together and three more left to assemble.  These are 10” blocks so it will wind up 60 by 70 before border.  I like it though that one “neutral “ gray is too dark but I’m not taking it out!  The other is scrappy as well.  Bonnie is really making me wanna do a snail’s trail..wish she’d quit that!  Ha!

My friend and I took a short trip down to Austin and San Antonio then did a drive by of Chip and Joanna’s place in Waco.  Was nice to get away and we pretty much had all places ALL to ourselves!!  The river walk in SA was so beautiful with only a very few other people!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Our little mask making group decided to take a brief break from masks to rest and refresh a tad from our sewing.  It will only be for maybe a week but guess what I did when I turned in my masks yesterday?  I got busy and finally got the center of this all sewn together!

Jamestown!  I sewed the last seam and threw her down for a photo op.  No pressing yet but that will happen soon (but probably not until I’m ready to put the border on).  I need to vacuum where the top is laying as there are lots of strings sloughing off and onto the carpet.  And I now gotta get busy cutting strips for the border.  I’m so pumped!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

a group of strangers

No photo description available.
Here's a photo of the latest batch of masks by our small group (all 120 of them!!).  This batch will be delivered to the city of Fort Worth as they had put out a plea for 15,000 so that all essential employees that are out working would have two, one to wash and one to wear.  We're not even making a dent but at least it's 100 more than they had.

We were chatting back and forth and one of the gals had said we'd made around 1,000 as a group.  I didn't think that was possible but when we went back and added up the groups donated to and how many were donated, it was right there (not exact but right there).    That's not counting what we've given as individuals to friends, family and complete strangers.  This is a group of people who started as a group of 4 strangers who joined in to make masks for a small group requesting them on Nextdoor.  Two more have been added as they were friends with a member of the core group.  Just a cool story if you ask me.  And so we continue on...  We already have the next recipient group that we are making masks for.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Demand for PPE

This story is about a business that is probably a couple of miles or so from my house.  They're certainly doing their part and this highlights the need for us to drastically cut our dependence on China for anything!  I think if we're honest with ourselves, we know that China is a country of lies and deception and I've never understood why we continue to grant them 'most favored nation' status.  Here's just a bit about that

The MFN status proclaimed in the GATT has been granted to about 180 countries. Only a handful of communist countries have been denied MFN status.
The United States is forbidden by law to grant MFN status to communist countries that do not have free-market economies. The practical effect is that imports from these countries are subject to much higher tariffs. An amendment to the Trade Act of 1974, however, created a loophole. The president may waive the MFN restriction on an annual basis if the communist country permits free emigration or if MFN status would lead to increased emigration. By law, the president must tell Congress each year of the administration's intention to renew or deny MFN status benefits to a communist country. Congress has sixty days to overturn the decision and would then need a two-thirds majority to override a presidential Veto.
China has been the main beneficiary of this loophole. Since 1979 China has been granted MFN status. After China suppressed its democracy movement and the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989, Congress opposed continuation of the country's MFN status, yet both President george h. w. bush and President bill clinton renewed China's MFN benefits.

So here we are, with the rest of the world, suffering from the effect of this pandemic that started in China and spiraled out of control and around the world because China lied AND attempted to blame the U.S. military.  SO ANGRY!

OK, I've had my say and I'll stop now and go back to making more masks as obviously they'll be in even higher demand now that we're being told we should ALL wear mask-like protective gear, be it a scarf, bandanna or an actual mask, when we go out for our 'essential' trips to wherever that is.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Another delivery

I dropped off 30 masks today to a gal who works with a local charity to provide masks to frontline first responders who investigate child abuse as child abuse is on the rise with kids out of school and tension is high.  So these are basically for the caseworkers who have to go into who knows what.  There are 2 other gals who are in this with me.  We got a total of 100 masks to them.

Our next request came from a long term care/rehab/nursing home facility.  They’ll get 100 soon.  I’m so ready to get back to my quilting but it’s hard to say no when folks ask.  I’m glad I retired from nursing years ago and my heart is with all of those on the front lines.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

MORE masks!!

I have been busy making masks as there’s always someone or someplace asking for them.  Here’s a group of 13 with many more to be made.  I’ve already made 25 for a small hospice/home health center and gave 5 to my friend who has a sister on dialysis & wanted a mask but the dialysis center said no (maybe they didn’t have any to spare).  We have a state school/living center for mentally challenged adults that have experienced a virus outbreak.  They’ve asked for 150 so our little group (and hopefully others) are working on those.  A friend, fellow blogger and RN has asked for some so I’ll get her taken care of.
Hopefully this will be behind us sooner rather than later,

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Woohoo, Jamestown!!

Part of it is off the wall and together!!  So excited but already thinking if I want a piano key border like Bonnie did or something else.  Must ponder that... 🙃


I have been sewing masks for a small group of hospice/home health care providers who requested we make 100.  There were 4 or 5 of us sewing and we hit the mark yesterday (after just 3 or 4 days!).

The gal who collected them took them all home, washed them and plopped them on her table for a picture!  HA  A nice batch of colorful masks that will be used and appreciated.  I plan on making more but really want to start on assembling Jamestown--she's been waiting too long!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Small finishes

The QOV I showed last has been finished (as a top anyway), the backing has been made and now I need to get it to the longarmers.  Now I need to get back to Jamestown and get that wrapped up.  But I did get a couple of baby rag quilts finished

and today will be working on some masks like Bonnie posted on her blog yesterday.  A lady on Nextdoor posted that her hospice/home health group had been unable to find masks for their health care workers and was asking for some help.  Someone had posted the same link as Bonnie and she said they would LOVE some so at last count there were 3 of us volunteering to make masks for them.  The leftovers from the rag quilts (flannel) will be put to good use!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I see the light

at the end of the tunnel that is!  This QOV is all stitched together needing another press and one border and it will be ready for the longarmer.  YAY!  I think it will get done in time.  Just takes a bit of focus to get to the finish line.

Friday, March 6, 2020

oh NO!!

😧😧  I canNOT believe I've uncovered yet another UFO and I wasn't even looking.  And what's REALLY bad is I don't remember this one (although there have been a few I didn't recall).  But this one I LOVE and want to finish it NOW!  Unfortunately, there are a few others in the queue that need to be done first.  

There's a bag in the bag that has pieces and parts so not sure at the moment how much bigger than this it will get but it don't matter!  However big it winds up, I'll love it and I'll have another blue and neutral to go with the Jamestown that'll be done before this one.  It's absurd that I don't remember it.  😧😧

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Clickin' along

I have 16 of 30 blocks done so over half (if only just barely)!  I really would love to get this one done in the next week-ish so it can go for quilting and then soon after get completely finished!!  Is that too much to hope for?  Probably.....

I seriously do want to get this one wrapped up so that I can get the last blocks done for Jamestown!!

Friday, February 28, 2020

There's been this

(red tail, I think) hawk hanging around the hood and he was in my tree a couple of days ago.  While beautiful, he eats the little birds (I know, I know, circle of life and all that) and I don't like that.  Now if he were to grab some of the squirrels, that wouldn't bother me in the least (no judging).
There was a second hawk that he was focusing on and conversing with and then he left!

A quilt of valor

I've been planning on starting this for a couple of months now and have been cutting but just starting the sewing part.  I really need to get this one finished up for my friend's husband who served in Vietnam.  He's been having health issues for awhile and I think the VA is now starting to think it's related to Agent Orange (though who really knows this far past?).   I going to need 30 blocks which should be easy enough to accomplish quickly but I'm so easily distracted..can we say squirrel?  I need to stay focused....

The first nine--there will be more red and blue blocks with just a few of the light/white sprinkled in.

Thursday, February 27, 2020


I get SO ANNOYED (and lots of other stuff) when I have computer and/or TV issues!!   It's really aggravating to think of the very few choices we have to provide us with these services and pretty must all of these are useless!!  I've had issues with both for the past week, spent WAAYY too much time on the phone trying to resolve said issues and finally had an appointment scheduled for a technician yesterday between 12 and 2.  So I sat and sat and sat and thought to myself  'of COURSE! I'm ALWAYS the last one they show up for in any given window'!!  But he was late even for that.  I know stuff happens but for crying out loud.  Well, he switched out the modem (after someone on the phone supposedly remotely did a software update).  It always seems to work better when they're here but OH MAN did things ever get worse yesterday afternoon and evening.  My TV would freeze up, then start, then freeze, then start over and over and over!  ARGHHH!

So I have another appointment today for the same time frame, half of which has already passed.  Wonder what time he'll show up today?  sigh.....

While waiting, I did get a few more of the plus blocks made; almost instant gratification with these puppies and I can't wait to get to the point where I can put them together.

Sunday, February 23, 2020


I was in the sewing room doing a little stitching on the next rag quilt and as I was exiting the room, I looked down and saw my second batch of Dear Jane blocks that I started years ago.   Decided to lay them out, take pictures and count them.

There were 60+ blocks (a couple I hadn't gotten around to trimming).  Guess if I made a few more, I could set them 8x9 or so, maybe enough for a wall hanging.  I know I'll never make the full monte of blocks again!!