Sunday, January 26, 2020

It is together

I got the top all together (albeit not pressed yet) and now, aside from pressing, just need to sew a stay stitch or whatever you call it around the edge to keep seams from popping open.   Then I will get a back together and off to be quilted it will go!  The blocks are 10" and it's 8x9 so a good size quilt.  I think there were 3 blocks left over so will get those in the back.  I love the riot of color!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On a chilly, rainy day

I decided to stay inside and sew!!  I finished another baby rag quilt, got 4 more blocks for Jamestown done (up to 34 now!!) and started sewing larger sections of the cross plus blocks together. 

The little hooties are so cute!   I've completed 4 months of these and January's not even finished.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Out my back window

Well, I actually had to go in the backyard to get these while trying to avoid as much 'clutter' (roofs, power lines, etc).

Cross plus

I've been taking from the pile and sewing 4 blocks together for a few days now and have gotten this far.  I'm leaving them in 4 patches so that I can move around as something 'wonky' catches my eye.

Got 6X6 at the moment and the ultimate plan is 8X10.  This is going to be a colorful, wild quilt and I'm really loving it.

In the meantime, I'm cutting more fabric to make the Jamestown 1/2 square triangles and string blocks as I'm needing more diversity in the fabrics.  And while I've got the blues and neutrals out, I'm also cutting for a QOV to be made soon.

Saturday, January 18, 2020


ready for quilting.  Naturally I did the easiest one first!!  HA  But if I get it to her now, I'm quite sure it'll be ready to hang next Christmas (if I do any decorating).  There are still way too many needing work but I'll only get them done by working on them.  Maybe some should go to guild and find new owners! I know no one in my family will be interested in any of my quilts when I'm gone.  Sad but true.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Still truckin'

I'm continuing to make decent progress on Jamestown while I'm also working on a few other projects.  Looks like I'm currently at 30 blocks and Bonnie's size is 42.  I've contemplated 56 (a 7 by 8 setting) but will see when I get to 42!!  HA

I had TWO of the large under the bed storage boxes that had been sitting in the garage since I moved in here 6 1/2 years ago!!  I knew there was sewing stuff in them and finally dragged one in the house a day or two ago.  OH MY GOSH!!  MORE FREAKIN' UFO'S!!!  This was a completed top that I've semi ironed so seriously all it needs is a backing and trip to the longarmer (and more time under the iron).  GOOD GRIEF, what kind of quilter does this?!!!   

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Does anyone remember

when these cross plus blocks were all the rage?  Probably if I scrolled through posts from the past, I'd remember when I jumped on the bandwagon.  I knew they were somewhere and searched for them earlier today--I have quite a stack (yet to be counted).  They're so pretty and colorful that I had to sew a few together.  Yet one more project needing to be worked on and finished but at least I have a really good start and probably not too many more required for 'done'.

Woot! 3 done

and 9 more to go.  I got this 3rd one together quickly as these were all blocks left over from past rag quilts.  As I cut for the individual quilt, I get enough squares plus enough for one more from each color.  Those are sewn with the rest and then saved to be used later.  I counted all my squares the other day and had enough for a quilt and then some.  YAY!  So now I've finished rag quilts for one quarter of the year..that sounds like way more than have really been finished.  HA.

I just hope someone loves them enough to want to wrap their little baby in it to keep them warm.  Not sure what today's generation likes in their newborn's quilts/blankets.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

So bizarre!

We've had a wild couple of days of weather.  It's been nice and unseasonably warm the last week or so and yesterday it was 70-ish.  We had storms roll in late in the afternoon (we wound up with nearly 2" of rain!) accompanied by tornado warnings (our sirens were going off but nothing, thank heavens).  Then it got REALLY chilly over night and it started snowing this morning.  Good GRIEF.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 again.  I took a video of the snow but can't get it to open here..oh well.

I've been working on a variety of things the past couple of days.  I got my February baby rag quilt done since I knew I'd be out of town and didn't want to risk missing my goal!  😄  Also continuing to cut/sew my house blocks (will be a donation), my Jamestown Landing blocks (will NOT be a donation), my So Scrappy blocks (cutting several different colors for 2 scrappy quilts which will both most likely be donations), Christmas blocks (using the HOB block) and blocks for a QOV.  Too many balls in the air or irons in the fire but that's kinda the way I roll and how I get into so much trouble with UFO's!

Those lighter blocks are actually a green zigzag but doesn't show up so good in the photo.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

2 uncovered UFO's

I was in one of the 3 sewing rooms (3 bedrooms taken over by quilting!!) and found a couple of UFO's that are going to get done!  I have NO CLUE why this one wasn't finished (some I have 'excuses') so I'm just going to put a colored border and call it done then get it to the quilter.  My intention was for this one to be one in the rotation that hangs in my living room.  The Thimbleberries pumpkin quilt has been up there through fall and now winter--sigh.  So this next Christmas will actually have a Christmas-y quilt on the wall though I doubt that'll make me like Christmas any better.

I also found a jelly roll race quilt in red, white and blue for QOV but it needs enlarging.  I'm going to put some stars at the top, I think, in the Just One Star vein (or vane/vain) and it'll need a border which I'm thinking will go on first and then the stars.   That should be 2 relatively easy finishes, I hope.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

One down

11 to go!  I am hoping to do 12 baby rag quilts this year..I certainly have enough flannel for them!!  I had just started sewing the first blocks of this one and they've been lounging in the machine for quite some time.  So over the last 3 days, I finished em up, stitched em together and clipped.  The best part is washing and drying--love that fluffiness.  So here's to number 2.  I'll need to at least get a start as I'll be gone half of next month.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

First finish

I really find it hard to claim this as a 'finish' since the only thing still lacking was hand stitching the binding to the back.  But it's done and I love it.  I should probably give it to a vet but as I began the hand stitching, I noticed a tiny little slash in the backing.  How that happened or when is a mystery but I stitched it closed and then made a tiny little patch to cover just in case (I guess, not sure why).  This was a few years in the making as are so many of my quilts so it's hard to put a firm date on a label.  Maybe I'll just put a ? mark for the start and 1/3 as the finish date.  It's washed, laid in the sun for a bit then dried, ready for the closet.  😕

In the new year

I've decided there are several things I'd like to accomplish this year (trying to get things done and moving them out!) and one new thing I want to participate is So Scrappy using a different color every month.  I saw a couple of projects that caught my eye, these plus signs being one.
This month's color is green so I dug through my scrap bags and found several pieces of green that were big enough for these in addition to digging out the neutral scraps.  There was another project that caught my eye so I'm cutting scrap pieces for that as well even though I didn't get a green block done yet for that project (but I will!!).