Friday, February 28, 2020

There's been this

(red tail, I think) hawk hanging around the hood and he was in my tree a couple of days ago.  While beautiful, he eats the little birds (I know, I know, circle of life and all that) and I don't like that.  Now if he were to grab some of the squirrels, that wouldn't bother me in the least (no judging).
There was a second hawk that he was focusing on and conversing with and then he left!

A quilt of valor

I've been planning on starting this for a couple of months now and have been cutting but just starting the sewing part.  I really need to get this one finished up for my friend's husband who served in Vietnam.  He's been having health issues for awhile and I think the VA is now starting to think it's related to Agent Orange (though who really knows this far past?).   I going to need 30 blocks which should be easy enough to accomplish quickly but I'm so easily distracted..can we say squirrel?  I need to stay focused....

The first nine--there will be more red and blue blocks with just a few of the light/white sprinkled in.

Thursday, February 27, 2020


I get SO ANNOYED (and lots of other stuff) when I have computer and/or TV issues!!   It's really aggravating to think of the very few choices we have to provide us with these services and pretty must all of these are useless!!  I've had issues with both for the past week, spent WAAYY too much time on the phone trying to resolve said issues and finally had an appointment scheduled for a technician yesterday between 12 and 2.  So I sat and sat and sat and thought to myself  'of COURSE! I'm ALWAYS the last one they show up for in any given window'!!  But he was late even for that.  I know stuff happens but for crying out loud.  Well, he switched out the modem (after someone on the phone supposedly remotely did a software update).  It always seems to work better when they're here but OH MAN did things ever get worse yesterday afternoon and evening.  My TV would freeze up, then start, then freeze, then start over and over and over!  ARGHHH!

So I have another appointment today for the same time frame, half of which has already passed.  Wonder what time he'll show up today?  sigh.....

While waiting, I did get a few more of the plus blocks made; almost instant gratification with these puppies and I can't wait to get to the point where I can put them together.

Sunday, February 23, 2020


I was in the sewing room doing a little stitching on the next rag quilt and as I was exiting the room, I looked down and saw my second batch of Dear Jane blocks that I started years ago.   Decided to lay them out, take pictures and count them.

There were 60+ blocks (a couple I hadn't gotten around to trimming).  Guess if I made a few more, I could set them 8x9 or so, maybe enough for a wall hanging.  I know I'll never make the full monte of blocks again!!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

scrappy orange

This is my contribution to the color of the month (I know, it's not much but my sewing time was short this month!).  I like these easy, good-sized blocks and will put them together in a donation quilt after 2020's done (and I'm NOT wishing for time to fly)!

Our last and final port

was Cartegena, Columbia (my first foray into South America!!).  It was also the biggest and most modern port of the four.  We did another land and sea excursion and started off this one on the boat.  Thank heavens we didn't go fast or I would've had scary hair the rest of the day and no one wants to see that!!  LOL

We took a little cruise along the coast as our guide pointed out all their big skyscrapers, telling us how expensive they were.  He said it used to be all individual homes until the big real estate companies began buying them up, leveling them and putting up the skyscrapers.  I know money talks but I think I would've had a hard time giving up that view!

 Much of this was built up (the land, that is) and I think he said these were only like a foot above sea level but thankfully they really didn't get flooding type storms.  Whew...
The next two were views from the boat (obviously) of the original walled part of the city.  You can walk all around the city on the walls but we didn't do that.

Instead, we did some walking inside the walls on the street level.

Really pretty from down here but probably cool from up above also.  I bet there weren't vendors up there like there were on the street.  They were so bad here as well.  We sat down on a bench for a bit and we were easy pickin's.  SO ANNOYING!!!  There was a beautiful church that we wanted to see but it was locked up.  

Friday, February 21, 2020

ROUGH seas!!

After we got through the Panama Canal, we entered into some rough seas that evening.  It was pretty darned rocky for about 2 1/2 days (until we passed Cuba) making walking about very difficult and I was ready for smooth sailing again.

I was literally tightly gripping my iphone as I filmed this, the winds were so STRONG!!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Panama Canal

We went through the locks but it was an all day affair.  I didn't feel like hanging on the forward decks all day (it was HOT and WINDY) so would suggest you look on you tube for a time lapse video of 11 hours (I think) through the canal in 7 minutes.  It's super cool but I couldn't get the link to work here.

From our balcony, this shot of us going under the bridge

here's how close we are to the sides
and the tug keeping us in line!!
Next stop in Colombia!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Our third port prior to going through the Panama Canal was Puntarenas.  We did an excursion set up by a gal in our cruise FB group.  We visited some little monkeys to begin with

then stopped at a beautiful overlook to see where we're headed and viewed some wildlife through spotting scopes

(can you see the iguana camo'd in the tree?)
visited a lovely resort and spotted more wildlife
 took a boat along a river filled with crocodiles (this was a big daddy and that guy was CRAZY!!!)

 and went looking for macaws (they were hard to spot way up in the trees so a scope was needed to see them as well).

We also stopped at a fruit stand and had some delicious pineapple and had a decent lunch (not great but OK).

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Towel animals

I tried to take a picture each day of our towel animal/critter/design and decided to just include them all in one post.  I don't think towel art was a at the top of our room steward's forte's but they were cute nevertheless!!  There were a couple that puzzled me as to what they were exactly.

 Can you figure out what they all are?  LOL

Monday, February 17, 2020

Next stop Guatemala

Our next port was Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
The ride over to Antigua, lasting approximately 1 1/2 hrs, revealed some lovely landscape and a volcano (there were several actually).  Our guide on the bus said it was a normal everyday occurrence to experience at least one or two tremors.
 I think the crop covered here was coffee but not for certain.
This as a great view of the really big volcano (12,000 ft).  There were some from our ship that actually hiked one of the volcanoes...yikes!

We did an 'on your own' tour here and I'd 'let' my travel buddy map out the to do's for this visit (it was her assignment since I'd planned every other aspect of this trip..HA).  She'd done a lot of research and found points of interest to see upon our arrival in Antigua. We were dropped off at the jade factory and there were lots of locals wanting to do private tours so we picked a guy and went from there.  This town had mostly cobblestone streets and sidewalks which made walking extremely difficult and I had to constantly watch where I was stepping.

Our first stop was Casa Santo Domingo which is a 5 star hotel with the most beautiful grounds, fountain, art and much more.  It was formerly a convent/monastery and there were many tombs where they were interred (two had glass fronts where you could see the remains).

We saw the Arch of Santa Catalina several times as we wove through the town.  Our guide said it was used by cloistered nuns to move from their quarters to the church so as not to be seen by anyone.
(my photo with the volcano in the background)
(someone else's much better photo..HA)
 We then visited another beautiful church but I don't recall the name of this one.  So gorgeous.
 The magnificient organ.

Beautiful artwork.
Our guide also took us to a different jade factory I think mostly because IF a sale was made, he most likely would've gotten a little percentage but we bought nothing.

I will say that the vendors in Antigua are relentless and EVERYWHERE!!!  You couldn't walk more than a few steps without yet another shoving their wares in your face.  We sat at the edge of a little restaurant for a bit and they stood there THE ENTIRE TIME holding things up, pleading with us, pestering us to buy.  Really got aggravating in a very short time.  So annoying.
Bye bye, Guatemala.  Would have loved to have spent more time with you!