Thursday, June 25, 2020

Yet again

It's been quite awhile since my last post!  My intentions are usually good but then it doesn't get done.  Anyway, to start, THIS is the color of the original hardy hibiscus that the seeds came from.  At the old house, they were ALL just like this.  So when I started these and they finally got to the blooming stage, I was shocked (and much dismayed because I love THIS color) to find that white with just a tinge of pink.  Oh well, I got one maroon and maybe I'll start a few more seeds to see what I get!
AND I got yet another baby rag quilt done.  I need to go back and count to see how many so far this year (awright, I went back and counted through the posts this year and pretty sure this is #10!!  So only 2 more to hit my goal if I counted right).
Then there were a few more row by rows--still need to get a top put together.  The 'new and improved' row by row is now called quilter's trek and this year's color is blue.  Most I've seen I'm not crazy about as they're just like one big quilt block in shades of blue.  There are shops who've designed outside the lines and I'm liking a few of those so SOME may be bought this year but, thank HEAVENS, not as many as in years past!!  I need to continue working on what I already have here!

My friend and I took a quick road trip a couple of weeks ago.  I decided awhile back that I wanted to make it a mission to visit every state capital in the US.  I've been to every state but not every capital so plans are to make that happen and I'm documenting it in another blog.  We visited Austin, TX almost 2 months ago and this time around did Okla. City, Topeka, KS, Jefferson City, MO and Little Rock, AR.  It was a quick 5 days but good to get away for a little bit.  So that's 5 capitals down and FORTY FIVE to go!  YIKES!


Kyle said...

Visiting the state capitols are a great bucket list idea. Have fun.

Quilting Babcia said...

Good luck in your new quest! To have a state capital be of interest to me it would have to have multiple outstanding quilt shops and textile museums. But at our age, travel is pretty much restricted to local trips, grocery stores, church, etc. Hubby isn't even interested in driving/riding the two hours it takes to visit the kids and grands, sigh.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Cute rag quilt - and amazing rows!! I like those. Glad you got out and about!