Saturday, February 20, 2010

We arrived in Florida early yesterday morning and have just been goofing around.  We're staying at Old Key West (Disneyworld) but not doing the parks this time around.  This morning, we drove to Tampa to visit the sewing & quilt expo there at the convention center.  BOY, was I disappointed!!  I knew it was a SEWING & quilt expo but was shocked at the small number of quilts there!  And NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!  BAH!  What's THAT about?!!  Even Houston allows photos!  Oh well....

So after leaving Tampa, we drove to the 'other coast' to Vero Beach to see DH's brother and SIL.  As we're driving along, I see this sign.  WHAAAAT?!  PANTHER crossing!!  Now I've seen deer crossing, moose crossing, the general wildlife crossing but PANTHER crossing!  That just sounds SCARY to me! 

Then a little ways further down the road, I see this sign for YEEHAW JUNCTION!!  In Florida, REALLY?!  That sounds more like something I'd see back at home in Texas!  LOL  Kinda looks to me like someone's been shootin' at the sign, too!! 


Monday, February 15, 2010

Today was Quiltsitters day at the LQS so I took my camera along.  We ALWAYS have some good show & tell and today was no different.

This first one was such a pretty scrappy quilt.  She showed several but I guess this was my favorite.  What a busy woman!  LOL

The next was such a pretty lone star but UGH, I made one once and what a pain in the butt!  In fact, the gal that showed this one said she had to TOTALLY remake it because she wasn't happy with the way the first one turned out.  I FEEL YOUR PAIN, Sherri!!

And finally, a beautiful purple Bloomin' 9 patch.  She said it was for her DGD.  LUCKY girl to have such a wonderful grandma!

            It's still COLD here but things are looking up!  Possible 60's later in the week...HALLELUJAH!  By then, we'll be in Orlando--hope it's warm there as I've been hearing it's been much colder than usual there as well.  I'm off to play bunco tonight which is always fun!  WISH ME LUCK!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WOW!!  What a snow day we had here!!  These pix were taken early in the day and it just continued ALL DAY and is still coming down.  We had around 8" just since this morning and our average WINTER (read ENTIRE winter) snowfall is 2"!!  It was so pretty as it fell but it's gonna be NASTY tomorrow as the ground was still fairly warm and the stuff kinda melted and will freeze into ice tonight.  All the school districts around here are closed tomorrow and probably a lot of businesses will have delayed openings.  I did NOT go out today...just played it smart and stayed in and SEWED!  And I will do that again tomorrow.  Then on Saturday it's supposed to be in the mid-50's so the snow is not long around here.  GOOD!  I HATE the cold!!  LOL

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yesterday was our quilt group get-together at church and it was my 2nd time as 'project coordinator'.  This time I demonstrated the sausage pillowcase method and had LOTS of kits ready to sew.  Just for time and fabric saving sake, I didn't include the accent strip, only cuff and body for these pillowcases.  I think pretty much everyone enjoyed themselves and, when I counted, we had 20 completed (and more piled on after I counted).  Not sure yet where these will be going, probably more than one destination but we'll definitely be reporting our case count to be included in APQ's 1,000,000 pillowcase goal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We had a rag quilt-making marathon at our last church quilt group.  It was nice and the ladies were CRANKIN' em out!  There was even a newbie and not sure what her sewing experience was but she dived right in!!  Many of the gals took their projects home to complete the sewing/snipping process but this one did not.  So I brought it with me and finished it up yesterday.  SO SNUGGLY!

I have binding made for one of the quilts that will be in the show so that is one thing I'll be doing today.  I NEED to get my butt in gear and start straightening up my sewing room.  It's a NIGHTMARE!  Makes me wanna scream everytime I go in there...LOL!!

Tomorrow is our next church quilt group get-together and I have pillowcase kits all cut and ready to go using the sausage method.  I'm going to have everyone pinning as I pin and sewing as I sew on the first one then will let em loose!  Hopefully, we'll get lots of cases sewn.