Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A win!!

WOOHOO!  I won this BEAUTIFUL fat eighth stash pack generously donated by Vicki Welsh from Angela over at So Scrappy.  There are 10 pieces of beautiful hand-dyed color in there.  Don't know HOW I'll be able to bear cutting into them.  Thanks to both of you lovely ladies!!

And then I just HAD to share the adorable yawn I caught Mr. Fang in the midst of this evening.  TOO funny!!  Don't know why he's so tired though.  That's all he does is sleep all day--lazy butt!

Monday, April 28, 2014


I'm taking Kim Diehl's Mocha Stars workshop in a couple of weeks and am trying to pick out my colors (which is NOT my forte and why I usually just copy the quilt as made by the designer).  I picked out some extra colors and put them on the background and just ask it you notice one that really stands out as EWW that you'd give me your thoughts.  Here's Kim's

Isn't it PRETTY?!!

So here is my background with the star point auditions laying on it.  I took a big picture with multiple tryouts on top and then took some a little more close-up. 

This is batch #1.  Will probably pull those lighter ones as they will also be on the light background as you can see in Kim's original.

And this is batch #2.  I need help here, folks.  Lemme know what you think and thanks ever so much!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A theme going on?

I've been working on an older UFO and two NewFO's that seem to have a commonality in the colors, yes? 

This is Bonnie Hunter's  Scrappy Mountains Majesty and everytime I see it I think to myself  'you really need to make one of those'.  So I figured if I got a few blocks done, that may be just the kickstart I need to work on it.  Right now I guess I'm in a routine of working on QOV donation quilts although the next one will be for me!  Selfish, I know, but what can I say?  LOL

This one I've shown on my blog previously.  It was a Moda Bake Shop project and can be found  here.  Shouldn't be a hard one to get finished before this 4th of July if I'd just keep pluggin'.

Last but not least, this patriotic snowball I started awhile back.  I've gotten two more rows sewn and have another laid out to sew.  Another I need to keep pluggin' on so I can call it done!!

Finally, a gratuitous female cardinal pix simply because I could NOT get a photo of the 3 baby Carolina wrens who are about to outgrow their digs and fly the coop.  They are SO cute and get as low and far back in the nest when I try to get a peep at them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Antique mall pretties

I attended our monthly ladies' birthday luncheon the other day at one of the local antique mall tearooms.  Always a fun time and I try to go early so I can peruse all the lovelies before the festivities begin.  I managed to snap a few photos before one of my friends found me! LOL

I LOVE this one and feel the need to reproduce it!   Maybe a project in the near future!

This one was colored--at first I thought it was embroidered but didn't take me long to see it was all colored.  Neat!

Ooo, this one was so pretty, too!  And loved the staging--that little rocking horse was so cool!

Monday, April 21, 2014

An almost finish

Got this sucker all put together this afternoon after lunch with the gals.  Just wanted to 'git er dun' and I did (finally)!!  I didn't measure it yet (should be about 68X80") and it still has some paper on the back so will hafta wait to see if I want to add a border or leave it be.  We'll see...but I LIKE it!!

Design floor

This is where I'm at with the QOV blocks--there are 29 and I have a few more cut and ready to sew.  But don't think I have enough prepped to get me to 40 if I want to make two in a 4X5 setting.  When this block was used for HOB quilts, they had 3" sashing between all the blocks and around the outer edge which made it 48X78 (in a 3X5 setting).  Still debating which way I'll go to get it up to a good QOV size.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mission accomplished

For today anyway--


This is my April block/strip of the month.  An easy one this time and a close up to show the fabs a little better.

And here's another reason why I get SO sidetracked all the time!!  Somewhere I saw the Hidden Spools quilt using the pattern by Bonnie and had to go check it out (all her free patterns are along the right-hand side) and I'd opened a jelly roll with some leftovers so had to mess around a little and wah lah, that is how I arrived at the above.  I LIKE it and it's easy enough so I'm thinkin' this may very well be my NEXT donation quilt (if I can ever find time to finish up the few I have going at the moment!!).


I've been working on my star block for Quilt Doodles and hope to have that posted later today.  But while I was out and about today (with camera in tow), I took a few shots I'll share with you.  These behemoths live right down the road from me.  I always think 'man! wish I had my camera' but I never do.  Today I did!

 Doesn't this look comfy?  I think I'd get a crick in my neck real fast!
 So he was either getting a crick or heard the snapping of the camera and decided to pose!
 Isn't this pretty?  This is a landscaping company outside the gate.  They have such pretty plantings and I went for the poppies but left without getting the picture.  Will hafta go back.
 Some pretty little flowers--maybe a wild native species.  No clue.
And such a pretty little bench in the shade. 

Better get OFF the computer so I can maybe finish that star strip and get more rows together on the 'partial string' quilt I've been working on!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

quilting the doodles

I worked and finished my MARCH BOM from Quilt Doodles but now that means I MUST get busy and get the April block done before the month is over.  Got March all done and trimmed and that was including going to my #2 rugrat's birthday party this afternoon.  I didn't stay long as they were at Mountasia playing mini golf, riding go-carts, etc. and I would've much rather have been finishing this block today.

Tomorrow is Girls Game Day and is supposed to be chillier than it should be in April.  In fact, tomorrow night it's supposed to go down to 37!!!!!  OH NO!!!!  I sure hope we don't get a frost or a freeze.  Good grief, the weather this year has been CRAZY!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gettin' jiggy with it!

I have been really making headway on the purple scraps this month.  I'm sticking with just two blocks even though I started with several when I joined in on the scrappy challenge.  My goal is to make several baby quilts for donation when I'm done.  I like these two blocks and think they will be perfect in baby quilts.

I've also gotten several rows of those 'half string' blocks sewn together (I know, I know, it's taking me forever!!) and a few more QOV blocks finished.  Almost ready to start putting one of those together, too!

But I've also been out and about enjoying the fabulous weather.  Took the rugrats out caching yesterday and took some pix of them in the beautiful bluebonnets but the pix are not cooperating by jumping from my phone to my puter so got nuttin' to show.  Oh well...

Ooo, look how pretty the goldfinch are getting!!  They get golder and golder every time I see them!  Now I'm just waiting for some hummers to show up.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Beautiful bluebonnets

I finally went and got pix of some beautiful bluebonnets (our Texas state flower) that a neighbor down the street has in front of her house.  They are just absolutely gorgeous!!



Blocks for mudslide victims

I saw a post yesterday about a shop in Washington state, The Quiltmaker's Shoppe, was asking for blocks to be made into quilts for those involved in the mudslide..victims, rescue workers, etc.  I know quilters are sending quilts but this is a much easier way for those of us not sending completed quilts to participate.  The shop owner is even limiting the number of blocks sent by each individual to 3!!  That's probably a good thing given the number of blocks sent in response to Kevin the Quilter's request.  So I got busy and made two..these are super easy to make just a tad larger and then trim to the perfect 9 1/2" block requested.  If you're interested, you can find all the info here.  Just need to get these in an envelope and get em mailed!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

making progress

FINALLY!!!  Got all the blocks made and have one row sewn together.  The rest are laid out on a spare bed and I PROBABLY should close that door lest the cat sneak in and mess up my carefully laid out pattern (such as it is!).  I will work on getting them all sewn together and border attached so it can be shipped off to the longarmer. 


And I've been making progress on the little maverick star blocks..got an oopsy in there where I put a color in for the center of the star.  It's not enough to bother me so it stays.  Some things just aren't worth the effort of ripping in my book.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poppin' out all over!

I haven't taken photos of my progress on some of my blocks but I do have a couple of photos of some of the lovely 'springness' popping around here.  I haven't gotten the bluebonnets (our state flower) but they are GORGEOUS and I will get a photo here in the next day or two.

I had to make one of my soda runs up to OK today and what a beautiful time of year it is to make the run.  The beautiful redbuds (OK's state tree) are in full bloom everywhere and I was ooo'ing and ahh'ing all the way up and back!!  While making the run, I also try to grab a few geocaches while up there and was able to get three today (check the link if you're interested in finding out what geocaching is all about).  I DID remember to take my camera this time and got a few nice photos of the creatures great and small encountered during the trip.

And I was fortunate enough to be just ahead of all of this--baseball sized hail that was smashing out the windows of cars as seen below.  There was also a storm that moved across Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) where there are lots of people in trailers and motorhomes eagerly awaiting the races that will begin tomorrow.  Seems this kind of weather always happens when there's a large camping contingent at the speedway.  YUCK, mud!!




Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The color purple (or is it?)

The So Scrappy challenge color for April is purple (or it might be orange or something else)!!  So whatever the color, I got busy and made a few purple blocks.  My intention is to make more bowties and whatever the other block is in each of the different colors and make donation baby quilts.  These blocks are so easy I think I can do it (well, I mean, I KNOW I can it's just a matter of following through..know what I mean?  LOL).

And even my wisteria is the right color for the month (or is it) of April--YAY, that's a good thing!!  I have gotten several more blocks together, maverick stars, the red/white/blue I showed the other day (even did some of those in a different colorway which will either be for the mission house or women's shelter) and more of the string blocks.  So hopefully before too long I'll have some flimsies to show.