Monday, June 27, 2016

Woohoo..yet another finished (except for that one stupid little short seam that didn't get clipped!).  So now it will go back in the machine for another rinse and spin and back in the dryer so that one seam can get all raveled up like the rest.  For cryin' out loud!  I have two more sets of squares stacked with the batting already in so I can go in and stitch a little or a lot depending on my mood and maybe crank another couple out before too long.  Then I'll have to get to cutting in order to accomplish more than two.  I'll get around to it eventually.

I'm really liking the Meals on Wheel deliveries, so much that I usually do a sub route in addition to my regular route.  This week I'm doing three routes!!  I just love doing something for our seniors.  I had one little man today that was using a cane and had the other arm in a sling!  Was wondering if he'd fallen or what--he asked me to check his mail which I happily did but it hadn't arrived yet.  Sure hope someone else will check and bring it to him.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Finished one!!

I bought so much flannel quite awhile back and got several of the sets cut but this one's been in an unfinished state for a LONG time!  Finally got it sewn and clipped last night and into the washer it went.  Now it's all fuzzy and ready for a baby somewhere.  Got a couple of the rows mixed up but at least no same block is next to  another (it'd hafta be really bad to unsew on a baby donation quilt!).  Already have another started and sewing the rows..YAY!

Monday, June 20, 2016

flag quilt

Was at the antique mall today having our monthly birthday lunch in the tea room.  Got there a little early, so checked out a quilt or two (there are several beauties in there).  This one was so pretty and in good shape.  Believe it's called a broken star and picture isn't the best but wanted to share---

Was in a hurry as I'm having bunco here this evening but MAY have to go take another look at this one!  Isn't it a beauty?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WELLLLLL...I am relatively pumped that I've finally stitched something after months of nothing!!!  In fact, SO pumped that I took a picture of the project in a rumpled, wrinkly state.  SO pumped that I didn't even bother to iron it prior to taking said picture.  Without further ado, here tis

I've seen this all over the internet forever and have always loved it and thought I'd like to make one (or two or three).   I ran across it again a couple of weeks ago and wanted to do a bright table topper for summer.  So the flimsy is nearly done (think it needs another little border) and we'll see if I get it to the quilter in time to use it this summer (although I doubt it).   Maybe I should make a fall one and get it done..that might be a touch more likely that I'd use it this year.