Sunday, June 16, 2019

No place like home

Arrived home Friday morning after two weeks on the road/in the air/on the water.  My friend and I headed for Copenhagen for a couple of days, boarded the cruise ship for a week, spent 4 more days in Copenhagen then home again.  There's truly no place like home ESPECIALLY after being in foreign countries.

Our first couple of days were basically wasted as we tried to get the hang of the train system but never really felt comfortable enough to get too far, afraid we'd get hopelessly lost.  And the hotel was attached to the airport and not close to ANYTHING.  Walking anywhere was not happening.  UGH!

So we boarded the boat and headed to Stockholm.  Got a great sunset photo while sitting on the balcony.
As we sailed into Stockholm, there are bunches and bunches of small islands, lots of which had homes or cabins on them.  Not sure how long it takes to get to some of these but it was really pretty sailing in.

Once in Stockholm, we disembarked and took a great little shore excursion.  We did the "Historic Stockholm and Sigtuna" excursion--Discover a 17th-century warship, 13th-century Old Town and a village founded before Stockholm was even a city. Your guide will lead you through the sights of Old Town, including the majestic Royal Palace and Great Square, with time to explore on your own. See the mighty Vasa, rescued from the sea floor after three centuries and carefully restored. Then it's on to Sigtuna, an idyllic village with Sweden's oldest street and Scandinavia's smallest town hall.
GAH!  This was a toilet on the sidewalk.  No matter how dire the emergency, don't think I could go here!!  HA

A runestone near one of the seriously old churches.

 This one's seen better days (St Olof) but so cool to explore.  The other pictured is obviously in much better shape and still used for services (Mariakyrkan).

Inside, so beautiful!
And the Vasa warship, beautifully reconstructed.  More to come...


Alycia said...

Wow!!! What a sunset! I bet you had a fabulous time , even tho you didn't want to get lost - ha ha - I totally understand that!! Beautiful photos!!!

Kyle said...

Traveling to new places always brings a few challenges. I don't think I'd make a pit stop either at the sidewalk potty. What cruise tour were you on?