Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Our little mask making group decided to take a brief break from masks to rest and refresh a tad from our sewing.  It will only be for maybe a week but guess what I did when I turned in my masks yesterday?  I got busy and finally got the center of this all sewn together!

Jamestown!  I sewed the last seam and threw her down for a photo op.  No pressing yet but that will happen soon (but probably not until I’m ready to put the border on).  I need to vacuum where the top is laying as there are lots of strings sloughing off and onto the carpet.  And I now gotta get busy cutting strips for the border.  I’m so pumped!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

a group of strangers

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Here's a photo of the latest batch of masks by our small group (all 120 of them!!).  This batch will be delivered to the city of Fort Worth as they had put out a plea for 15,000 so that all essential employees that are out working would have two, one to wash and one to wear.  We're not even making a dent but at least it's 100 more than they had.

We were chatting back and forth and one of the gals had said we'd made around 1,000 as a group.  I didn't think that was possible but when we went back and added up the groups donated to and how many were donated, it was right there (not exact but right there).    That's not counting what we've given as individuals to friends, family and complete strangers.  This is a group of people who started as a group of 4 strangers who joined in to make masks for a small group requesting them on Nextdoor.  Two more have been added as they were friends with a member of the core group.  Just a cool story if you ask me.  And so we continue on...  We already have the next recipient group that we are making masks for.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Demand for PPE

This story is about a business that is probably a couple of miles or so from my house.  They're certainly doing their part and this highlights the need for us to drastically cut our dependence on China for anything!  I think if we're honest with ourselves, we know that China is a country of lies and deception and I've never understood why we continue to grant them 'most favored nation' status.  Here's just a bit about that

The MFN status proclaimed in the GATT has been granted to about 180 countries. Only a handful of communist countries have been denied MFN status.
The United States is forbidden by law to grant MFN status to communist countries that do not have free-market economies. The practical effect is that imports from these countries are subject to much higher tariffs. An amendment to the Trade Act of 1974, however, created a loophole. The president may waive the MFN restriction on an annual basis if the communist country permits free emigration or if MFN status would lead to increased emigration. By law, the president must tell Congress each year of the administration's intention to renew or deny MFN status benefits to a communist country. Congress has sixty days to overturn the decision and would then need a two-thirds majority to override a presidential Veto.
China has been the main beneficiary of this loophole. Since 1979 China has been granted MFN status. After China suppressed its democracy movement and the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989, Congress opposed continuation of the country's MFN status, yet both President george h. w. bush and President bill clinton renewed China's MFN benefits.

So here we are, with the rest of the world, suffering from the effect of this pandemic that started in China and spiraled out of control and around the world because China lied AND attempted to blame the U.S. military.  SO ANGRY!

OK, I've had my say and I'll stop now and go back to making more masks as obviously they'll be in even higher demand now that we're being told we should ALL wear mask-like protective gear, be it a scarf, bandanna or an actual mask, when we go out for our 'essential' trips to wherever that is.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Another delivery

I dropped off 30 masks today to a gal who works with a local charity to provide masks to frontline first responders who investigate child abuse as child abuse is on the rise with kids out of school and tension is high.  So these are basically for the caseworkers who have to go into who knows what.  There are 2 other gals who are in this with me.  We got a total of 100 masks to them.

Our next request came from a long term care/rehab/nursing home facility.  They’ll get 100 soon.  I’m so ready to get back to my quilting but it’s hard to say no when folks ask.  I’m glad I retired from nursing years ago and my heart is with all of those on the front lines.